Clinician Reviews

Jordan Burroughs: “One of the best camps I’ve ever done.”

Logan Stieber: “Last year was my first time at a Vector camp and it was awesome! They run a great, smooth camp that makes it easy for me to teach and easy for the kids to learn. I highly recommend wrestlers of any age to attend this camp.”

Jason Chamberlain: "I look forward to this camp every year and always hope they ask me back. Not only do they bring in big names, they are also top clinicians who always bring a different outlook to wrestling each day. Alex and Ben (founders of Vector) have a lot of respect and love for the sport. They continue to provide a great camp environment as well as possibilities to learn all they can for the athletes. Plus they always have the freshest gear!"


Coach and Parent Reviews

“They do fantastic job with the youth and overall organization of the camp. This was a fantastic camp that I wish I would have found much earlier. Amazing value with exceptional clinicians. I really liked the ability to interact with the clinicians. I also felt it was a huge benefit to have a new clinician each day. It kept the excitement and enthusiasm for the participants.” -James M.

"As a dad of four wrestling age boys, finding a quality and affordable wrestling camp was a tall order; however, my expectations were vastly exceeded last year at Timp Camp, now called Vector Wrestling Camps.  The clinicians were some of the best wrestlers in the world, yet friendly and approachable for all of my boys ranging from 5-10 years old at the time.  My kids and I had a blast drilling, live wrestling, and working on techniques.  It was complex enough that we brought some things back to our high school room, yet broken down enough that my 5-year-old, first year wrestler, was never bored.  For the price, this camp is an absolute steal, and I would recommend it to wrestlers at any level."  -Will F.

"Wow! What a great camp. My six-year old son attended in 2016 and learned a ton. He also had a great time. The instructors took good care of him and I did not need to worry about leaving him there with them while I went to work each day. I think the instruction is helpful for young and also experienced wrestlers. -Bob W.

When asked what their favorite part of a Vector Camp was, Coaches and Parents said:

  • “It's good for local kids to meet and learn from wrestling greats.”
  • “The quality of clinicians.”
  • “The clinicians were great.”
  • “Clinicians and mat time.”
  • “Everything ran on schedule and was well organized.”
  • “Very well ran.”
  • “Mixed technique with conditioning.”
  • “Small groups.”