Camp Spectator Pass - California

Regular price $15.00

Anyone other than an athlete wanting to watch the camp will need to purchase a spectator pass. You can purchase either a single day pass ($15) or a full camp pass ($50).

We encourage the taking of notes by coaches and parents. However, please note that no photos or videos are allowed to be taken by anyone not of Vector personnel, as per Terms and Conditions.

Camp Clinicians/Counselors:

  • Jordan Burroughs - 4x World Champion, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2x NCAA Champion. 
  • Kyle Dake - World Team Member, 2x U.S. Open Champion, 4x NCAA Champion.
  • Bo Nickal - 2x NCAA Champion, 3x NCAA All-American, 3x Texas HS State Champion.
  • Bryce Meredith - 3x NCAA All-American, 4x Wyoming HS State Champion.

CLINICIAN/COUNSELOR ORDER BY DAY: Burroughs, Meredith, Nickal, Dake.